It's all about the question

We are a full service marketing research consultancy specialising in the healthcare sector, with over years' experience of primary market research across all the major therapy areas.

But what marks us out?

We are passionate.

About innovation, technology and brands. Combine this with a fascination for how the brain works and an unquenchable geekyness for data and what do you get?


Simple as that. It’s all we’re striving for in our work. We interrogate and sharpen the objectives to perfection. We then take a transparent, agile approach to meet them.
How do you get to the truth?

Primary marketing research.

We are specialists in online methodologies but embrace qualitative and quantitative approaches both traditional and modern. It’s about knowing your respondents and how to reach them effectively.
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It's all about the question

There are two doors: one has a very hungry and ferocious lion behind it, the other has the fountain of all knowledge behind it. You don’t know which door leads to what. There are two guards in front of the doors. Both guards know what is behind each door. One always tells the truth. The other always lies. But you don’t know which guard always tells the truth and which guard always lies. Your task is to find the fountain of all knowledge and avoid being eaten by the very hungry and ferocious lion, but you can ask only one question to the guards.

What should you ask, and to whom?